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Ultra-Portable Rice Ball

Unlike the new MacBook Air, edible and tasty.

Every culture has the portable food. The sandwich, the shawarma, the burrito (ok, not an original Mexican creation, I know). The portable food has to be dry on the outside while still containing moist tasty ingredients inside. Tricky, but can be done. In Taiwan, it is the ba tzang: sticky rice, peanuts, pork and cooked egg yolk wrapped in bamboo leaves to neatly form a pyramid of tastiness. Even though it's not warm, the glutinous rice stays moist and sticky, so the ba tzang doesn't have to be eaten hot (although its better that way).

Lucky enough for me, I got one for the road when I was off to the airport in Taipei. It made it all the way to Singapore, when at 4am, I decided to gnosh. Untie the string, unwrap the bamboo leaves and have at it. Delish!


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...are really not that bad in Singapore's Changi Airport

So I am currently at the Singapore airport waiting for my flight on to Bangkok. I arrived at 11pm last night from Taipei and my flight leaves at 7am, which is in about an hour. When I told people that I had an 8-hr layover, everyone thought I was crazy to book a ticket like that. Well, it ended up saving me $100 in flight fare and a night of hotel cost, so I don't mind so much. Plus, being a boarding school ARAMCO brat made me pretty used to passing time in airports waiting for connecting flights.

If I have to be laidover anywhere, Changi is a pretty damn nice place to be. Just for reference, it's huge, has a lot of shopping, is spanky clean and is rife with wireless laptop and free internet access computers. As for needing rest, it has a transit hotel, which I was tempted to get a room at. The budget rooms that have shared bathroom use are about $30 for 6 hours. In the end I decided I was too cheap and that I would scout out a dark quiet corner to curl up in for a couple hours. Luckily, I managed to sight a sign for a "Rest Area," which turned out to be much better than my original "corner plan." Off of the shopping area, 12 or so reclining chairs are set in a dark area and I started to get comfortable, when I realized I had no alarm to wake me up at 4am. Without one, I was worried I wouldn't wake up. So what's a girl to do? I decided that even though I was too cheap for a transit hotel room, I needed the peace of mind of an alarm clock. It was nearing 12am and shops were closing, so I quickly ran into an electronics store and grabbed the smallest alarm clock. Got back to the rest area and managed to catch about 3 hours of occasionally interrupted sleep (the man next to me seemed to have a strangely loud breathing/yawning/coughing habit).

Although I checked my bag all the way to Bangkok, when I got to the transfer desk here in Singapore, they told me that I had to exit the airport and claim my bag and then check in again. When I left Taipei, my brother told me not to lose my passport. I hadn't done that, but I have lost my baggage claim ticket... My bag was not at the baggage claim, not at the lost and found and the staff at the check in desk couldn't locate it without the baggage tag. My original plan was to carry-on my baggage with me on all flights, but it is proving to be too heavy (13.3 kg). They've reassured me that if it was tagged to Bangkok that it should get there. Hopefully they are right!

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