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If all had gone as planned, I would be in Luanda by now. But… flight was delayed last night until the morning.

It’s good that I speak English (although it would be better if I spoke Portuguese…) You take for granted that English is the automatic second language in many counties. If things are translated at all, it’s in English. Point being that important airport/flight status announcements are translated into English (albeit, somewhat poorly…)

But even before they translated the announcements, I knew from the groans that something was definitely wrong. We were herded out the gate, then waited in line to go through customs, then waited in line to get on buses to a hotel, then waited in line at the hotel to get a room key. I think you get the point -- there was a lot of waiting. Oh… and there were 200+ of us.

On the bright side, the bathroom in the hotel room was one of nicest I’d ever seen. I figured I wouldn’t be seeing one that nice for two months (or the rest of my life) and indulged in a bath!

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Bom dia!

Good day! (from Lisbon)

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Goodbye New York.

Hello Lisbon!

Arrived in Lisbon @ 8:45am. Thought my connecting flight to Luanda was @ 11:40am, but it was at 11:40PM… Fabuloso! That gave me 12 more hours than I thought! More than enough time to go into the city. So I dumped some weight from my carryon at the left luggage booth and caught the next bus into town. On the bus, met a German girl living in London and we decided to make a whirlwind sightseeing day of my 12+ hours.

We headed down to the historic part of town where we did it all, by train, by bus, but – mostly by foot! Stopped for lunch at a pastelaria (bakery) and when we were all tuckered out, had dinner by the sea! The city was beautiful (and expensive…), and completely different from what I expected. I thought that it would be more modern, but my perception may be skewed from the fact that I spent most of my time in the older part of the city. The weather was awesome – warm in the sun with a cool breeze. (Obviously my skin hadn’t seen a lot of UV lately, because I headed back to the airport with a T-shirt tan and a sunburn across the face!)

Right now, it't too much trouble to put pics on my blog. you can see all the pics on my flickr account.

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