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Wedding Crashers

Dad and I cross the field to attend a Taiwanese countryside wedding.


So my gramma gets an invitation to a nearby wedding and my dad and I decide to go check it out. I've never been to one in Taiwan and for him it's been a long time. They've been blasting music all day today and the day before. Guess it's customary to let everyone in the 1-mile vicinity know that you have festivities coming up.

Everything is pink and the bride wears pink. I think it's somewhat a mix of the old school Chinese red and new school Western white. A rainbow tent is set up on the patio of the house (old Taiwanese houses are U-shaped with a large patio in the middle). There are about 12 tables under the tent and a few more in the house. In the field just outside the house, caterers have their own tent to make all the food.

We showed up at 11am, the food came out at 11:30 and didn't stop until about 2pm. Appetizer plate of chicken, abalone, and caviar cake. Lobster soup. Taiwanese sticky fried rice with crab. A giant crispy fried fish. Huge clams. Sea cucumber and shark fin. More abalone. Mango and tomato jello. A multi-layered cake of caramel, flan, green tea cream and taro cake. There was more, but I can't quite tell you what is was because I didn't recognize it (by sight or by taste/texture). Oh and endless tea, beer and liquor. However don't get the idea that this was some fancy affair. (When I asked my dad what to wear, he reassured me that it's acceptable for farmers to come straight outta the field to attend the wedding.) There was lots of paper napkins used, bones and scraps on the table and tea tossed on the ground.

Couple interesting points:

    *You don't bring gifts; you bring the Chinese "red envelope" with money for the bride and groom. I like the idea: take the money and use it for what you need, not fancy plates and silverware.

    • There was no noticeable ceremony. Show up, eat, the wedding party appears and comes around the tables, after dessert everyone takes off. Eat, eat eat: my kinda party.
    • It's local election time and I guess it's totally ok for candidates to come by weddings and give out flyers and campaign a bit. Strange to me, but hey, maybe they brought the bride and groom some money?
    • You get doggy bags to take leftovers home!

All in all, a good time. Glad that I went and stuffed myself silly with seafood.

The (pink) aftermath.

More pics on Flickr.

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